One year after Facebook Watch debuted as a dedicated section of the social media giant for news, shows such as “Fox News Update” with Shepard Smith are drawing significant audiences and the program will be expanded.



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WashingtonPost: Jean Edward Smith, biographer who reassessed presidential reputations, dies at 86

WashingtonPost: A 117-year-old synagogue burned to the ground. Police say they’ve charged a man with arson.

WashingtonPost: William F. Buckley Jr. vs. James Baldwin: A racial showdown on the American dream

WashingtonPost: Suspect arrested in fire that destroyed 117-year-old Minnesota synagogue

WashingtonPost: Man fatally shot in Chillum area of Prince George’s County

WashingtonPost: Gabrielle Giffords to campaign in Virginia for state House and Senate candidates

WashingtonPost: D.C.-area forecast: Turning sunnier and less humid today; hotter again tomorrow

WashingtonPost: A prosecutor said he would recommend that Rayful Edmond III get time served for cooperating

WashingtonPost: Police identify driver killed in crash on Dulles Access Road

WashingtonPost: PM Update: Clear conditions continue through Monday as heat cranks up yet again

WashingtonPost: Video killed the radio star, and WiFi killed the free tabloid newspaper

WashingtonPost: Man’s body found Sunday in Germantown, Md., area, police say

WashingtonPost: Clear conditions continue through Monday as heat cranks up yet again

WashingtonPost: The long and short of a Montgomery County school’s dress code sparks protest

WashingtonPost: Amazon’s ‘career day’ expected to draw thousands to Crystal City

WashingtonPost: Prosecutors in Prince George’s will no longer recommend cash bail for defendants

WashingtonPost: D.C. schools are trying to meet students where they live. But is the home visit program working?

WashingtonPost: Boy who falsely shouted that an active shooter was present set off Ballston Quarter panic

WashingtonPost: There is nothing wrong or demeaning about the word ‘Negro’

WashingtonPost: House the homeless at a Trump property, and solve two problems at once

WashingtonPost: The USMCA is bad for workers

WashingtonPost: In Afghanistan negotiations, we must include our allies

WashingtonPost: Dogged issues for public spaces

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