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Israel +1 Israel Defense Forces Former IDF chief of staff: Israel was ready for war following Syria strike

Hungary Fear of migrants galvanizes PM Orban's supporters in rural Hungary

Rivlin visits families of terror victims

Iran +2 Middle East Thirty years later, Iran may finally declare victory in Iraq - defeating Saudi Arabia in proxy war

Israel +1 Jerusalem US demands high wall around Jerusalem embassy

Ethiopia +1 Despite government approval, still no funds for Ethiopian immigration

Saudi Arabia +2 Donald Trump Trump, Saudi leader discuss Houthi "threat" in Yemen

Syria Report: Strike in northwest Syria kills 20, including 16 children

Israel Palestinians Israeli sentenced to public service for throwing rocks and injuring Palestinian

Syria Strike in northwest Syria kills 20, including 16 children

Spring has sprung with signs of summer heat

Military +1 Soldier who accidentally shot and killed comrade held for questioning

Israel Jerusalem Sarah Tuttle-Singer offers startling, emotional Jerusalem insights in first book

United States Donald Trump New allegations from women threaten Trump presidency

Should the man behind the ‘Nazi dog’ video be imprisoned?

Israel +1 Plenty of credit to go around in Syrian reactor strike

Prize Philanthropy

Israel +1 United Nations UN Ambassador Danon says Israeli strike on Syrian reactor 'necessary for security'

Prepping for Passover like always

Brazil Holocaust +1 Colorized picture of Holocaust victim pulls at heartstrings of Twitter users

Israel Move over, Freud? Startup strives to detect depression with voice analysis

United States Kahlon seeks permit exemption for building of new US Embassy

Passover in a postmodern age

Russia +1 Kremlin condemns British ambassador's decision to skip spy briefing

Nazi-looted portrait returned to heirs, will be auctioned

Saudi Arabia +2 Donald Trump Trump, Saudi leader discuss Yemen situation

Europe +2 Palestinians Were we Palestinians wrong to endorse a non-violent struggle?

Israel +1 California +2 United cuts fares on Tel Aviv - San Francisco route

Update: IS suicide bomber kills 29 as Afghans celebrate new year

Finland +3 Korea North Korean, South Korean, US delegates had constructive meeting, host Finland says

Germany +2 Afrin +1 Merkel strongly condemns Turkish military offensive in Afrin

Israel Hamas +1 Hamas holding 4 suspects in attack on Palestinian PM – sources

Austria +1 Austria summons diplomat from Israel over ‘Nazi’ shirt

Israel +1 Brexit Is Brexit bad for the Jews?

Afghanistan Kabul At least 26 killed as IS suicide bomber targets Kabul shrine

Israel Jerusalem Jews can't fight antisemitism alone is key message at Jerusalem conference

El Al profit slumps as low-cost competition bites

Israel Shekel loses more ground, nears NIS 3.50/$

Israel ADL slams Chief Rabbi of Israel for calling black people 'monkeys'

Canada +2 English +1 These North American baby boomers teach Israeli kids English

Israel +1 Ex-minister: Israel halted Syria strikes at Putin’s behest

United States Texas Texas bombing attacks suspect blows himself up

Syria March Blast from the past: 8 things to know for March 21

United States Holocaust +1 Republican nominee for Illinois congressional seat is a Holocaust-denier

Israel Elite Israeli combat soldier killed after being shot by accident

The Rabbinate won’t let me take its exams

Israel +1 Ex-Mossad chief: Only ‘luck’ corrected ‘intelligence failure’ on Syria

United States Texas Austin bombing suspect blows himself up as police close in

Israel +1 Israel's bombing of Syrian reactor proves it won't accept existential threats

Pakistan Fugitive Pakistani cop surrenders, faces extra-judicial killings inquiry

Syria +2 Turkey says reached understanding with U.S. on Syria's Manbij

Syria EX Mossad chief: Syria nuke strike was combo of success, failure and luck

United States Finance minister vows to cut red tape to allow US embassy move

Israel +1 Donald Trump +1 Finance minister eases procedures for moving U.S. embassy to Jerusalem

Syria Former Mossad chief Pardo: We're very lucky that a handful of fighters obtained information about Syrian reactor

Russia +1 Moscow U.S. ambassador to Moscow to skip Russian spy poisoning briefing

Germany Berlin +1 The Nazis who stripped the Jewish clothing industry bare – and the German who hunts them down

Russia +1 Donald Trump +1 Kremlin says Putin and Trump agreed to speed up preparations for summit

Israel IDC Herzliya becomes Israel's first private university

Israel +1 Palestinians Swedish FM seems to support PA’s payments to terrorists’ families

Israel Jerusalem Bennett adviser running for Ashkelon mayor

Israel +1 Five must reads on Israel's strike on Syria's nuclear reactor in 2007

Defendant in Be'er Sheva lynch case convicted in plea bargain

Russia +1 Donald Trump +1 Kremlin says Putin and Trump agreed to speed up preparations for summit

Russia +1 Kremlin condemns British ambassador's decision to skip spy briefing

France +1 Saudi Crown Prince expected to visit France April 8-10

North Korea +2 Korea Report: N. Korean, S. Korean and US delegates had 'constructive' meeting

Police Police arrest more than 40 pot dealers exposed in Telegrass bust

United States Donald Trump Ex-Playboy model wants to discuss alleged Trump relationship

Israel Jerusalem Top Israeli soccer player detained over sex abuse video

Israel +1 Ex-defense chief Barak rips into Olmert for creating 'apocalyptic atmosphere' ahead of Israel's Syria strike

Russia +1 British ambassador will not attend Russian ministry meeting on Skripal

Suicide bomber kills 26 as Afghans celebrate new year

Poland World War I +1 Poland seeking compensation for World War Two destruction

Syria Death toll from market attack in Syrian capital rises to 38

United States Texas Suspected Texas bomber dead in blast, local media report

Iran +2 Israel Defense Forces Ministers threaten Iran as details of 2007 strike on Syria emerge

North Korea +3 Bashar Hafez al-Assad +1 'The atmosphere was tense': Inside the first briefings about Syria’s secret North Korean nuclear reactor

Israel Palestinians +1 Israeli Arabs, facing roadblocks at local universities, flock to West Bank schools

United States Texas Suspected Texas bomber - linked to six Austin explosions - killed in blast, local reports claim

Syria Barak: Olmert was 'apocalyptic' on Syrian strike

Afghanistan Islam +2 Islamic State claims suicide attack on shrine in Afghan capital

Soldier wounded in Samaria car-ramming attack regains consciousness

United States Texas Report: Suspected Texas bomber dead in blast

Saudi Arabia +1 Donald Trump Trump welcomes MBS: Saudi Arabia is a very wealthy, and they're going to give U.S. some

Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia says revamping education to combat 'extremist ideologies'

Poland World War I +1 Poland seeking compensation for World War II destruction

Iran +2 New York A glimpse of a crown prince’s dream? Saudi Arabia invades Iran in CGI

Israel Bezeq Bezeq issues profit warning after Yes losses

Russia +1 British ambassador will not attend Russian ministry meeting on Skripal

Singapore Singapore passes law which can bar pictures of terror attack sites

Iran +1 Democracy +1 Iran hawk beats J Street’s candidate in Illinois Democratic primary

Canada +1 Cambridge +3 Academic behind Facebook data breach says he's being scapegoated: Data was more likely to hurt Trump

Afghanistan Kabul Suicide bomber kills at least 26 in Kabul

Afghanistan Kabul Explosion heard in Afghan capital Kabul

Israel Mayim Chaya Bialik +1 Mayim Bialik: I am happy to take public bullet for Israel

Iran +1 Engineers of Syrian nuclear reactor strike hail it as ‘historic’ and ‘brave’

Australia +1 Netanyahu James Packer, Australian billionaire embroiled in Netanyahu corruption case, steps down due to mental illness

Saudi Arabia +1 Jared Corey Kushner Saudi crown prince meets with Jared Kushner, Jason Greenblatt about peace plan

Iran +2 F-16 Jet +1 Israeli intelligence minister: Strike on Syrian nuclear reactor shows Israel won't accept nuclear Iran

Sarkozy faces second day of questioning in Libyan funds case

Australia +1 Netanyahu James Packer from Netanyahu probe quits casino board, cites mental illness

Israel Orthodox Defense minister, Yesh Atid chief blast ultra-Orthodox effigy of soldier

Israel +1 Israel Defense Forces Has IDF Intelligence learned the lessons from the Syrian reactor strike?

Europe +3 Fatah +2 EU: There is no state of Palestine without Gaza

Israel Africa Two Israeli firms probed over Africa bribery allegations

Israel Israel's Channel 10 News on market for $57 million

Israel +1 Israel to declassify archives on racist absorption of Moroccan Jewish immigrants

Canada +2 Cambridge +2 Former Israeli spies employed by company that data-mined Facebook accounts

Israel +1 Israel Defense Forces Former IDF chief Gabi Ashkenazi on Syrian nuclear reactor: 'I made it a top priority'

North Korea +1 Korea North Korean media say diplomacy is strength, not weakness

United States Florida +2 Florida school shooting survivors speak at Harvard

Israel +1 Polish PM's father: Jews gladly moved to ghettos to get away from Poles

Israel +1 Israel Defense Forces IDF chief: Destruction of Syria's nuclear reactor 'a message to our enemies'

North Korea +3 Korea Key US official: Bombing of Syria's reactor was 'A blessing for humanity'

Israel +1 Lieberman praises Israel's 2007 'courageous' decision to destroy Syria's nuclear reactor

Iraq +2 Kurds Turkish air strike 'neutralizes' 12 Kurdish militants in Iraq

Israel Ahed Tamimi +1 Ahed Tamimi's only protection is an open trial

Iran +1 US arrests Iranian over alleged $115M sanctions evasion scheme

Netherlands Dutch animal welfare party proposes ban on ritual slaughter

United States Holocaust +1 Holocaust denier wins Republican nomination for Illinois congressional seat

United States Congress +3 Illinois Holocaust denier wins Republican nomination for Congress

Israel +1 Liberman praises Israel's strike on Syrian reactor, Livni recalls events

Israel Elon Reeve Musk +2 Musk: Never heard of Cortica. Sources insist there are talks with Tesla

Israel Israel Defense Forces +1 IDF arrests 15 overnight in West Bank raids

Israel +1 Africa +4 Elon Musk's Tesla denies in talks with Israeli AI firm Cortica

Syria Former defense minister on Syria reactor strike: ‘We had the intel, but...’

Israel +1 Mahmoud Abbas +1 After Abbas' 'son of a dog' remark, it’s clear there isn't a Palestinian partner

Israel Hungarian resort town opens restored synagogue as educational center

Israel Jerusalem +1 A new charge against Palestinians: Failing to prevent a Jerusalem stabbing

Rabbi Druckman: Independent kashrut bodies pave the way for kashrut fraud

Israel +1 US military aid could cost Israel 22,000 jobs

Government to publish blueprint for war on racism

Israel +1 Israel intel on Syria reactor, from 'sneaking suspicion' to 'smoking gun'

Iran +2 US charges Iranian in $115 million sanctions evasion scheme

China +1 China sends carrier through Taiwan Strait after Xi warning

Israel +1 Test yourself: What do you know about Israel's attack on the Syrian nuclear reactor?

Israel Jerusalem +1 Jerusalem mayor expected to announce Knesset bid this week

Syria Pilot who bombed Syrian reactor recalls role in history

Saudi Arabia +2 Donald Trump Senate votes down ending Trump's support for Saudi-led war in Yemen

Israel +2 No longer a secret: How Israel destroyed Syria's nuclear reactor

Israel +2 Bashar Hafez al-Assad The intelligence failure: It took years for Israel to discover Syria's reactor

Israel +1 Ten years of silence on Syria strike. Why now?

Israel +1 The real fallout from Israel's 2007 attack on the Syrian reactor

Israel +1 Two prime ministers' egos battle over the Syrian nuclear reactor strike

Iran +1 Ending a decade of silence, Israel reveals it blew up Assad’s nuclear reactor

Israel +1 Damascus Three minutes over Syria: How Israel destroyed Assad’s nuclear reactor

Israel +1 After a decade Israel admits: We bombed Syria nuclear reactor in 2007

Israel Beatles +1 Drumroll please: It’s ‘Sir Ringo’ who’ll be playing in Tel Aviv this summer

Israel Israel, not Tamimi, is the real defendant

Australia Gaming mogul Packer, questioned in PM probe, quits for ‘mental health’ reasons

Israel +1 Hezbollah +1 UN gives strong backing to Lebanon’s political independence

Saudi Arabia +2 Donald Trump Senate votes down on ending Trump's support for Saudi-led war in Yemen

Philippines Philippines bus crash kills at least 19, injures more than a dozen

Iraq +2 Bernie Sanders +1 Bernie Sanders helps kick off global peace initiative

Saudi Arabia +1 Saudi crown prince soaks in Trump’s praise as US tour opens

Israel Ex-Israeli spy chief enlists top hackers for new cybersecurity firm

Israel +1 Donald Trump +1 Shaked: Online anti-Israel incitement rose following Trump embassy decision

Israel +1 Father of Polish PM: Jews moved to ghettos to get away from non-Jews

France +1 France seeks to close loopholes allowing online antisemitism

Syria Eastern Ghouta +1 Syrian rebels reach evacuation deal in Eastern Ghouta town

Israel Jerusalem +1 Mayim Bialik says sticking up for Israel has come with ‘a heavy price’

Canada +1 Cambridge +2 Facebook ‘outraged’ by misuse of data by Cambridge Analytica

Israel +1 Netanyahu Netanyahu initially welcomed Kerry’s peace initiative, ex-US envoy says

Iran +3 Senate rejects bid to end US support for Saudi-led campaign in Yemen

ADL slams chief rabbi for likening black people to monkeys

European Union +1 Gaza Strip Gaza’s clean water project gets a half billion Euro boost

European Union +1 Gaza Strip Gaza’s clean water project gets a half billion Euro boost from EU donors

Haaretz Cartoon

Iran +1 U.S. arrests Iranian over alleged $115 mln sanctions evasion scheme

Israel Hamas +2 As IDF keeps destroying tunnels, Hamas rebuilds old ones

Egypt Sisi says he wanted more challengers in Egyptian election

Military Soldier killed after gun accidentally goes off on base

Israel Palestinians Palestinians doubt statehood, peace even in 100 years’ time

Israel +1 Charlottesville +3 Charlottesville mayor: Trump made 'devil's bargain' with anti-Semites

Israel Israel Defense Forces IDF soldier dies of his wounds after bullet shot at him

Israel Palestinians +1 Strike at Defense Ministry body puts freeze on settlement approvals

Israel Gaza Strip +1 Hamas reopens telecom firm in Gaza after bomb row

Soldier dead from unintentional discharge

Israel Military +1 Military courts violating Palestinian minors’ rights, NGO claims

Iran +2 Donald Trump Trump praises Saudi crown prince over economic ties

Israel Israel Defense Forces IDF soldier killed after being shot on base

Russia +2 Britain +2 Seeking closer ties, Trump and Putin plan summit

Israel +1 Father of Polish PM says Jews gladly moved to ghettos

Israel Jerusalem Lieberman on Haredi Jerusalem protest: 'We shall not be deterred from working towards equitable service'

Israel Palestinians Israel demands that left-wing groups disclose funding sources, activists’ personal details

Israel Africa 'Who knows if Abraham wasn’t black': Israeli artists slam asylum seeker deportations in new song

Israel Elon Reeve Musk +2 Elon Musk denies meeting with Israeli startup Cortica

Facebook +1 Twitter stock plunges after justice minister threatens legal action

Israel Swan song for Schabas

March March 21, 2018: You gotta love him

Israel Are the Jews today’s wicked witches of the West?

Israel Grave threats to Israel as a Jewish democratic state

Saudi Arabia +1 Donald Trump Trump meets Saudi crown prince, asks him to share kingdom's wealth by buying weapons

Europe The clouded future of Western European Jewry

Israel +1 Jerusalem Israeli red tape may hold up US embassy move to Jerusalem – report

Israel +1 Explosions to be heard in central region throughout evening due to joint Israeli-US exercise

Israel Jerusalem Haredim burn soldier effigy during Jerusalem protest against recruitment

Israel Mahmoud Abbas Abbas’s end game

Edgardo Mortara's mother's tears should not be forgotten

First female, Jewish editor dedicates April issue of National Geographic to race

Israel Jerusalem Jerusalem mayor Barkat set to announce entrance into national politics

Holocaust When human rights organizations indulge in antisemitism

Canada +1 British Columbia +1 Enigmatic Dead Sea Scroll fragment makes rare show in Jerusalem

Israel Queer eye for the Israeli guy?

Australia Melbourne Supreme Court orders Australian sex abuse suspect held in prison

Israel +2 Turkey is implementing a series of military operations in Syria

Israel Middle East Time for the West to follow Israel's example

Israel Kicking off the Israel Opera’s new season

Israel +1 New York Cynthia Nixon may well already have the votes of progressive New York Jews

Israel Gaza Strip +2 IDF intel chief warns enemies not to test Israel during Passover

Grapevine: Arabs are humans, too

Canada +2 Britain +3 EU lawmakers, UK regulator press Facebook on data breach

Israel +1 Scotland Scottish man found guilty of hate crime for teaching Nazi salute to pug

Israel Elon Reeve Musk +4 Tesla denies CEO Elon Musk in talks with Tel Aviv AI firm Cortica

Israel +2 Britain Britain not pleased with Israeli response to Russian poisoning

Russia +1 Donald Trump +1 Trump calls Putin to congratulate him on re-election

China +7 Angela Merkel +2 Merkel said to warn Netanyahu nixing Iran deal will lead to war

Germany +1 German Israel-German ministerial meetings back on after year hiatus

Israel Gaza Strip +1 PA may consider declaring Gaza ‘rebel district,’ cutting enclave off

Belgium +3 Brussels +2 EU raises half-billion dollars for project to improve Gaza’s drinking water

Europe +2 Gaza Strip +2 Donors raise $560 million for Gaza water treatment plant

Israel +1 Netanyahu Netanyahu congratulates Mike Pompeo on nomination as U.S. secretary of state in phone call

Israel IDC Herzliya granted permission to apply to open PhD program

Germany +1 Angela Merkel +3 PM Netanyahu speaks to German Chancellor Merkel, congratulates her on forming gov't

Syria Damascus Syrian state media: Rocket attack kills at least 29 in Damascus market

Israel Palestinians Court releases Palestinians accused of not intervening in Old City stabbing

Study rates Lapid as least social policy-minded MK

Ordinary Israelis taking on ever more household debt, report says

Jamaica +1 London +1 Pensioner becomes first UK citizen to be investigated for Nazi war crimes

United States Donald Trump Trump's new lawyer: The man who sent Jonathan Pollard to jail

Russia +1 Vladimir Putin Putin to attend 2018 inauguration of Turkish nuclear power plant

Iran +3 Donald Trump +1 Iran, Yemen in focus as Trump and Saudi prince meet at White House

United States Texas Package bomb explodes in Texas, this time at shipping center

Iran Iran's leader says Tehran has defused regional threats

Syria Damascus Rocket attack kills at least 29 in Damascus market

Military Army intelligence chief: 'Propose to anyone thinking of challenging us to strongly consider actions'

Saudi Arabia +1 White House Public smiles, private problems as Saudi prince visits White House

Israel Jerusalem +1 Israel Police arrest 8 for failing to prevent Jerusalem stabbing murder

Iran +2 Donald Trump +1 Iran main focus in meeting between Trump, Saudi Crown Prince

Poland Polish ex-presidential candidate sues Jewish museum over tweet

Israel Elon Reeve Musk +2 Billionaire Elon Musk visits Israel to scour tech, party in Jerusalem, hike Masada

Bulgaria +1 Holocaust Visiting Bulgarian president says proud of his country’s Holocaust rescues

Israel Jerusalem +1 Western wall emptied of sins and wishes in pre-Passover spring cleaning

Israel Jerusalem $100 million worth of classic cars embark on journey throughout Israel

Israel Sharansky: Those who support Israel but hate Jews locally are not our friends

Teva Tue: Teva falls as TASE climbs

Mexico +1 Elbit Systems looking to export tunnel detection technology

Iran +3 Donald Trump +2 Jewish Insider's Daily Kickoff: March 20, 2018

Saudi Arabia +2 Senators criticize US support for Saudi campaign in Yemen as crown prince visits

United Kingdom UK tracking security threats at border after Salisbury poisoning

Russia Russian neo-Nazi jailed for forcing prostitutes to march naked down street

Israel +1 Jerusalem +1 Pussy Riot to perform in Tel Aviv in May

Israel Jerusalem Enigmatic Dead Sea Scroll makes rare show in Jerusalem

Russia +1 Donald Trump +1 Kremlin says Trump called Putin to congratulate him on election victory

Russia +1 London Expelled Russian diplomats leave London

Israel Turning bread into matza: How Israel made the new 'Paddington' movie kosher for Passover

Soldier collapses on base, hospitalized in serious condition

Israel Building starts in Israel down 14% in 2017

Russia +1 Donald Trump +1 Kremlin says Trump called Putin to congratulate him on election victory

Iran +1 Donald Trump In New Year's greeting to Iranians, Trump slams Tehran - Zarif hits back hard

Israel’s Eurovision song 'Toy' makes waves around the world

Israel Head of Israel's largest VC fund steps down after sexual harassment allegations

Israel Africa +2 Netanyahu says ‘flood’ of African migrants worse than Sinai terrorists

United Kingdom Jeremy Bernard Corbyn +2 ‘Three Billboards’ inspires shaming of UK Labour Party over anti-Semitism

Ahed Tamimi +1 Father visits Ahed Tamimi in jail for first time, says she’s in good spirits

Islam +1 Head of the northern branch of the Islamic Movement Raed Salah released to house arrest

European Union +1 No new Russia sanctions seen at EU summit

Israel Palestinians +1 Israeli Arabs, facing roadblocks at local universities, flock to West Bank schools

Association of University Heads: 'IDC issuing doctorates a wrong decision'

France +1 French graphic novel depicts Theodor Herzl's life

United States Maryland Gunman wounds 2 students, wounded by security, at Maryland high school

Russia +1 Donald Trump +1 NBC: Trump spoke with Russia's Putin on Tuesday

Israel Elon Reeve Musk +3 Netanyahu discusses future technologies with Elon Musk

Israel Man who taught dog Nazi salute found guilty of hate crime

Israel Jerusalem +1 Jerusalem artist spotlights Israelis and Palestinians who were burned alive

Ahed Tamimi Father: Ahed Tamimi in good spirits

Finland +3 Finnish FM: Koreas, US talks won't include denuclearization

Saudi Arabia +1 Apple +2 Saudi Arabia buys $400 million stake in Ari Emanuel's Hollywood agency

Israel Palestinians Palestinians' new doomsday weapon has Israel scared to death

Europe +1 Eight Roads Ventures sets up $375m fund for Israeli, European startups

Egypt +1 Netanyahu +1 Netanyahu: Without an Egypt border fence, Israel would face overwhelming flood of migrants

United States Maryland +1 Injuries reported after shooting at Maryland high school; incident contained

Czech Republic +1 Czechs summon Russian ambassador over nerve toxin origin claims

Apple From 'Lost in Space' to 'Party of Five': Brace yourself, the reboots are coming

Israel +1 Palestinians Pro-Israel activist to be tried for threatening Spanish towns over BDS

Israel +2 Jerusalem +1 UK indicates displeasure with Israeli condemnation of poison attack

Israel Mahmoud Abbas PM: Abbas is like a 'spoiled child'

Israel Investing in Israel to reshape the way the world lives, works and moves

Iran +1 Iran denies Saudi allegations of harboring bin Laden's son

United States Texas Fifth package bomb goes off in Texas, injures one at FedEx site

Israel Western Wall Spring cleaning for Western Wall's notes to God

Iran +1 Iran denies Saudi allegations of harbouring bin Laden's son

United States Maryland Report: Maryland school on lockdown after shooting

MediWound shares jump after possible acquisition report

United States Maryland +1 Local media: Several people shot at Maryland high school

Turkey United Nations UN calls on Turkey to end state of emergency

Israel Netanyahu Netanyahu: Musk calls Israel 'technological superpower'

Frutarom's net profit jumps on record revenue

Israel Israel Defense Forces What you don’t know if you don’t live in Israel