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France French PM vows to combat 'slow-burn' threat of radical Islam

Israel +1 CPAC +2 Trump say countries begged him to nix Israeli embassy relocation: ‘Don’t do it’

Israel +1 Jerusalem +1 Senior Palestinian negotiator: US embassy move date a 'provocation'

United States Florida Florida school starts to reopen, as extent of authorities’ failures emerges

Syria Damascus Syrian opposition says 32 killed near Damascus

Somalia 2 blasts, gunfire rock Somalia's capital; 3 said killed

France +3 Vladimir Putin France and Germany ask Putin to stop Syria attacks

500 Icelandic physicians back bill to outlaw circumcision

Egypt +1 Gaza Strip +1 Egypt, Hamas agree on lifting of Gaza border restrictions — report

Israel +1 Jerusalem US confirms Jerusalem embassy opening in May

Missouri’s Jewish governor defiant after being indicted for blackmail

Police Police: Car bomb, gunfire in Somali capital

Israel Gaza Strip +3 2 Palestinians wounded by IDF fire during riots along Gaza fence

Israel +1 Jerusalem US Embassy in Jerusalem to open in May 2018

Israel +1 Jerusalem +1 U.S. to open Jerusalem embassy in May, White House official says

Israel Palestinians Autopsy shows Palestinian assailant in Jericho died from gunfire

Turkey Turkish court rules 3 academics committed terror propaganda

Russia +1 Donald Trump Report: Former Trump campaign aide expected to plead guilty in Russia probe

Israel +1 Jerusalem Report: US embassy Jerusalem move date decided

United States Donald Trump Trump to announce new NKorea sanctions

What would Begin do?

Ghana Africa My Jewish journey to Ghana

Israel +1 Gaza Strip +2 Over 1,000 Palestinians protest across West Bank, Gaza border; 20 reported wounded

Israel Gaza Strip +2 Palestinians riot in West Bank, Gaza Strip

Israel +1 Jerusalem US ‘to move embassy to Jerusalem on May 14’ — day of Independence Declaration

Two killed in Zurich incident, police say situation under control

Israel +1 Facebook +1 Polish senator suspended for klezmer-themed video of Nazi violence to Jews

North Korea +2 Donald Trump Trump says launching 'largest-ever' set of sanctions against North Korea

France +3 Vladimir Putin France, Germany ask Putin's support on Syria

Israel 14-year-old girl killed, 2 seriously injured in road accidents

Germany German +2 German ice skater draws fire after performing to ‘Schindler’s List’ at Olympics

European Union +1 Ghouta EU calls for ceasefire in Syria's eastern Ghouta, urgent aid access

Israel Gaza Strip +1 Palestinian rioters assemble along Gaza border

United States Florida +2 ADL sounds alarm against neo-Nazi conspiracy theorists amid FL shooting

Iran +2 Hezbollah Iran seen uniting Lebanon proxies even as Hezbollah focuses on domestic politics

Mexico +1 Donald Trump Trump says Mexico must do more to combat MS-13

Israel +1 Tel Aviv Ukrainian tourist hospitalized in serious condition after Tel Aviv marathon

Germany German +2 German Olympian sparks Twitter outrage with ‘Schindler’s List’ routine

Iran +3 Russia, Iran should stop Syrian government violations, Turkey says

Israel Israel Defense Forces +3 IDF: Palestinian assailant likely died from tear gas inhalation, not beating

Israel +1 Jerusalem +1 Sheldon Adelson offers to help pay for Jerusalem embassy — report

Israel Israel Defense Forces +1 IDF reverses statement on death of Palestinian man in Jericho

Syria United Nations UN envoy calls for urgent ceasefire in Syria hours before vote

Israel Jerusalem Sheldon Adelson offers to help pay for Jerusalem embassy

Russia +1 United Nations +1 UN Security Council to vote Friday on Syria ceasefire

United States Florida Florida man screams, yells 'murderers!' as he's put to death

India +1 Donald Trump +1 Trump Jr. to give foreign policy speech in India

Syria Bashar Hafez al-Assad +1 With support of UN head, Syria elected to forum on protecting people from abuse

Israel Israel Defense Forces +2 Israeli army: Death of Palestinian in custody caused by gas inhalation, not beating

Israel +1 Donald Trump +1 Sheldon Adelson reportedly offers to help pay for Jerusalem embassy

Israel Netanyahu Netanyahu probes: A guide for the perplexed

Should synagogue-goers be armed?

Israel +1 Baltimore +3 Abbas takes to Palestinian TV to downplay health concerns

Colombia +1 Amid terror and criminal attacks, Israel issues travel warning in certain Colombian localities

United States Florida When traumatic memories are agents of change

Myanmar Rohingya Myanmar bulldozes what is left of Rohingya Muslim villages

South Sudan +1 United Nations Gang rapes and beheadings: UN reveals new South Sudan abuses

Rwanda Rwanda: We'll accept asylum seekers only if complies with int'l law

Canada Modi hugs Trudeau, amid Indo-Canada invitation embarrassment

North Korea +2 Donald Trump +2 Ivanka Trump arrives in South Korea for Olympics

Israel Gaza Strip +1 Expecting further violent protests, IDF goes on high alert on Gaza border

Life after death

Crushed for the light

Libya +1 Islam +1 US, Libya to sign deal possibly legitimizing Jewish property confiscation

Mandy Patinkin: Hollywood Star better than a bar mitzvah

Indonesia +1 Artists for Israel travels to Indonesia in latest mural-making venture

Israel An auto-anti-Semitic abomination

Israel Labour Labour party expels controvserial Jewish 'antisemitic' activist

Israel Abnormal times in Israel

Israel +1 Holocaust +1 Poland-Israel Holocaust dispute hits the court of viral YouTube videos

Israel +1 Donald Trump +3 Nikki Haley says Trump's Middle East peace plan nearly ready

Israel Netanyahu Itsy scoops, big sobs and huge support

European Union +1 EU set to prepare sanctions on Myanmar generals

Israel Netanyahu Netanyahu is at the edge of an abyss, but he still won't quit – even if indicted

Israel West Bank Security forces arrest three in West Bank overnight raids

Israel +1 Chicago +3 In decades-old letter, Albert Einstein thanks Chicago man for saving Jews

Far-right conspiracy theorists target Florida shooting survivors

United States US educators say no to ‘arms race’ in schools

United States Florida Florida congressman’s kids make hamantaschen against gun violence

Israel +1 Chicago +6 Neither Israel nor Palestinians will 'love' Trump's peace plan, says Haley

Syria United Nations +1 UN Security Council to vote on Friday on demand for Syria truce

United States Donald Trump +2 Nikki Haley: Trump's Mideast peace plan almost ready

Israel Tel Aviv Roads blocked in Tel Aviv for half marathon

Iran +2 CPAC +3 Trump to take stage at CPAC amid indictments of former campaign manager Manafort

Italy Anti-fascist demonstrators clash with police in Italy

United States California +1 Trump mulls pulling immigration agents from California

North Korea +1 United Nations North Korea criticizes UN chief over support for sanctions

United States Donald Trump +1 Report: Two top White House advisers may leave over tensions with Trump

Israel Bezeq +1 Remanded former Netanyahu media advisor refusing to talk with investigators

Syria United Nations +1 UN Security Council to vote on Friday to demand Syria truce

Natalie Portman Annihilation: A head-trip wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a sci-fi horror flick

United States Middle East +2 Trump’s Mideast peace plan nearly ready, UN envoy says

Israel Netanyahu +1 In fresh coalition crisis, religious party places ultimatum over army exemptions

China +2 China Jan trade with North Korea falls to lowest since at least June 2014

Iran +2 Gaza Strip +1 Fighting on all fronts, Netanyahu could leave Israel exposed

Haaretz Cartoon

Israel +2 US accused of allowing Libya to keep seized Jewish property

United States New York NY Consul-General sees opportunity to boost support in U.S. Latino community

Iraq +1 Islam +3 The war on ISIS is over. Now, the war for survival begins

Israel Gaza Strip +1 To leave Gaza, Israel asks Palestinians to commit to not come back for a year

Israel Netanyahu Why is Netanyahu still doing well in the polls?

Iran Iran looking to build nuclear submarines, watchdog says

Israel +1 Africa Pair of Israelis convicted of beating African asylum-seeker to death

United States Florida +1 Armed cop under fire for staying outside as school massacre unfolded

China +1 Chinese paper says U.S. should learn from China, restrict guns, protect rights

Israel Netanyahu Obscuring the expulsion

United States National Rifle Association NRA head accuses Soros, Bloomberg of ‘socialist takeover’

Israel Gaza Strip If you knew my friend Nassrin from Gaza

Israel Israel's ruling party as a rowdy militia

United States Jared Corey Kushner +2 White House: Role of Kushner unaffected by security clearance

Israel +1 Baltimore +3 Abbas taken to Baltimore hospital for routine exams

United States Donald Trump +1 Two top White House advisers may leave over tensions with Trump

Russia +1 Donald Trump +1 Trump to replace official in charge of fighting Russian cyberattacks on elections

Israel Israel Chemicals inks natural gas supply deals worth over $1 billion

Morocco Holocaust Real-life ‘Casablanca’ story is even more dramatic than the Hollywood classic

Israel Jerusalem +1 High-speed train between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem delayed yet again

United States Missouri Missouri gov. indicted after allegedly blackmailing woman with nude photo

Israel Gaza Strip +2 U.N.: Hamas could lose control of Gaza to ‘radicals’

Israel Palestinians +1 Official in charge of legalizing Israeli West Bank outposts named judge

Africa Former justice slams government treatment of African migrants

United States Florida Sheriff: Armed deputy stood outside Florida school building during shooting

Israel +1 Black Panther +1 How 'Black Panther' might heal Black-Jewish relations

China +1 Alibaba Does China not need Israeli technology any more?

Israel +1 Bernie Sanders +2 In NRA's response to school massacre: Dog-whistle anti-Semitism, a star-spangled Protocols of Zion

Israel +1 Mahmoud Abbas +1 Palestinian President Abbas leaves US hospital and is fine, official says

Israel +1 Mahmoud Abbas Abbas leaves U.S. hospital and is fine, official says

Iran +2 Jerusalem +2 Conservatives cheer Mike Pence when he mentions Trump’s Jerusalem move

Justice Minister continues Supreme Court reform with two new picks

France +1 Le Pen niece to US conservatives: our far-right movement stands with you

Israel Temple Mount Olive branch sparks Temple Mount spat for congressmen

Netherlands +1 Turkey condemns Dutch parliament recognition of 1915 Armenian massacre as genocide

Israel +1 In win for justice minister, Israel appoints U.S. prof. as Supreme Court judge

Germany +1 Angela Merkel +1 Five-day assault on Syria enclave kills more than 400 civilians

PM may reveal Agency candidate Friday

Israel Netanyahu Editor's Notes: Israel is not just Netanyahu

Israel Netanyahu +1 Police seeking to question Netanyahu in Bezeq, submarine probes — report

Europe +2 Israel Defense Forces +1 Israeli and American troops gear up for joint 12-day Juniper Cobra drill

Israel +1 Jimmy Carter +1 Jimmy Carter: Option of two-state solution is fading, with 'dire consequences' for Israel

Israel Netanyahu Column One: Defending the rule of law

Israel +1 Mahmoud Abbas +1 Palestinian President Abbas in US hospital for routine checks

Prof. Alex Stein, Judge Ofer Grosskopf confirmed as Supreme Court justices

Israel +1 New York +3 PA police rescue US delegation egged by protesters in Ramallah

Israel +1 Congress +2 US and Israel face a new future in Washington

Syria United Nations +1 Security Council to meet amid calls for Syria cease-fire

Israel Co-ed army service in Israel

Israel Football +3 Soccer-fans of Jerusalem club fed up with racism form new outfit

Supreme Court gets more conservative with appointment of two new justices

Israel India’s defense manufacturing brings new possibilities to Israel

Russia +1 Bashar Hafez al-Assad +2 Russia tested ‘over 200 new weapons’ in Syria: MP

The ties that bind

Israel Netanyahu 13 assaults on the 4th estate: How Netanyahu's self-image obsession lead to a media takeover

Africa Saving Africa

Israel Brief workers strike causes delays at Ben Gurion airport

Know Comment: Felling vanities and empires on Purim

The Fifth Column: A Purim to remember

Europe Cave art in Europe dated to 64,000 years ago: Did Neanderthals do it, or was it us?

February 23, 2018: Why Publish?

Syrian YPG militia: Gov't has taken control of Aleppo district

Egypt +2 Gaza Strip Qatari envoy calls for emergency aid to Gaza

Israel Gaza Strip Gaza on 4 hours of power a day after sole electric firm shuts down

Israel My Word: Smoking guns and guns; safety and security

Canada +2 Israel Aerospace Industries earned $2 billion in Iron Dome radar sales– report

Syrian YPG militia: govt has taken control of Aleppo district

Facilitators of corruption

Israel Gaza Strip Gaza faces daily 16-hour power cuts as sole electric firm announces shutdown

Israel +1 Israel Defense Forces IDF hold brigade exercises on northern front

Israel +1 Gaza Strip +1 Qatar says Gaza aid spares Israel war, shows Doha does not back Hamas

Europe +1 The idol smasher: Jews, stay the hell in Europe!

Israel +1 Holocaust The Polish joke

Kenya Four more arrested in Shikun & Binui Kenya bribery affair

Israel Palestinians Jewish worshipers find swastikas defacing holy site in Palestinian village

United Kingdom Britain +1 UK counterterrorism police investigate racist letter sent to Meghan Markle

Syria United Nations +1 UN Syria aid chief says Security Council must see need for ceasefire

Israel +1 Donald Trump +2 Palestinian forces evacuate U.S. delegation from Ramallah after protesters pelt eggs

Netherlands Dutch parliament recognizes 1915 Armenian massacre as genocide

Russia +1 Bashar Hafez al-Assad The Latest: Syria's Assad meets Russian envoy amid violence

Israel +2 Jimmy Carter Jimmy Carter warns against one-state for Israel-Palestine

UTJ to support budget 'after conscription bill is approved'

What Does The Word "Shidduch" Mean?

Israel Africa Major Israeli construction company suspected of bribing African officials

Iran United Nations Outrage over Iran minister’s presence at UN rights meet

Israel Amnesty International +1 Citing 'extrajudicial executions,' Amnesty International raps Israel for human rights abuses

Israel Jerusalem +1 Israel appoints first female ultra-Orthodox judge

Thu: Tower slumps in weak market

Israel Netanyahu Ex-Netanyahu aide Filber: He fired when I didn't let Sara keep watch gifted by Berlusconi

Iran +2 Israel Defense Forces IDF, US troops get ready for drill to simulate massive missile attack on Israel

Deri says answered all questions after Lahav 433 interrogation

Israel +1 Palestinians Palestinian protesters attacked American delegation in al-Bireh

Israel Ben Gurion Airport resumes normal operations

United Kingdom Britain +2 Dating-site couple jailed for planning ISIS-inspired attacks on Britain

Arye Deri interrogated by police for eighth time in fraud probe

Why we sleep, and what it has to do with polar bears

Syria United Nations +1 UN Syria aid chief says Security Council must see need for ceasefire

Syria United Nations +1 UN Syria aid chief says Security Council must see need for ceasefire

United Kingdom Prince Henry of Wales +1 ‘Racist’ white powder letter sent to Prince Harry, Meghan Markle: report

Iran +4 How Syria's devastating war keeps get worse and now threatens a global conflict

Iran IAEA: Iran stays within main limits of nuclear deal

Somalia +1 US air strike in Somalia kills four al Shabaab militants

United States National Rifle Association Shooting survivors, grieving parents challenge lawmakers, NRA rep at town hall

HERE AND THERE: If not now, when?

Egypt +1 Sinai Egypt: 7 troops killed in Sinai anti-militant operation

Israel Flug slams Israel's poor education, low productivity

Israel Mahmoud Abbas This week in 60 seconds: Abbas calls for international peace conference

Interior minister questioned for 8th time in corruption probe

Israel Palestinians Amnesty report claims Israel ‘kills,’ ‘tortures’ Palestinian children

Somalia +1 U.S. air strike in Somalia kills four al Shabaab militants

Egypt +1 Sinai Egyptian army Sinai operations disrupt Israeli mobile reception

France Marion Le Pen to address CPAC

Israel Netanyahu The rise and fall of the telecom tycoon at the center of the Netanyahu corruption scandal

Egypt Egyptian policemen catch child falling from 3rd floor

Rivlin hosts, applauds efforts of interfaith clergy

Iran Iran stays within main limits of nuclear deal, IAEA report shows

Israel Netanyahu Court extends remand for ex-Netanyahu spokesman, Bezeq owner

South Africa +1 Africa +4 Britain warns of ISIS attacks in South Africa after couple kidnapped

Israel +1 Baltimore +2 Jewish Insider's Daily Kickoff: February 22, 2018

Germany +1 Munich +1 Congressional candidate distances self from Munich terrorist grandfather

Syria Ghouta Syrian childen's hospital hit, destroyed by airstrikes, says spokesman

Egypt +1 Palestinians Egypt closes Rafah crossing early

Israel +2 Holocaust To protect Polish Jews, U.S. Jewish group pulls video criticizing Holocaust law

Israel Jerusalem Fans of Beitar Jerusalem soccer team fed up with racism, form new club

Iran +2 Hezbollah +1 IDF simulates war in Lebanon, amid tensions with Iran, Hezbollah

Israel Flights delayed at Ben-Gurion Airport

United States Donald Trump Note card reminds Trump to tell shooting survivors he’s listening

Israel Next-gen printers put through their paces at Kiryat Gat powerhouse Indigo

Israel Surprise strike at Ben Gurion Airport

United States Florida +2 Survivors, grieving parents confront lawmakers, NRA at town hall meeting

Iris Elovitch, wife of Bezeq's controlling shareholder, to remain in custody until Monday

Israel Louise Thompson holds hands with Ryan Libbey in Israel

Israel +1 Jerusalem +1 Multiple failures delay Jerusalem - Tel Aviv rail link

Israel +1 Jerusalem Israeli youth handball teams in Qatar spark social media outcry

United States Donald Trump +1 Trump insists arming teachers would stop shootings 'instantly'

South Africa Africa Death toll from listeria outbreak in South Africa more than doubles to 172

Iran +1 The cause is Russia, the symptom is Iran

Belgium Brussels Armed police set up security cordon in Brussels suburb

Iran +1 Why Israel must respond to Iranian aggression with disproportionate force

Iran Islam +1 Iranian official: We may leave nuclear deal if banks don’t come to Iran

Belgium Brussels Armed police set up security cordon in Brussels suburb

Israel The Hundreds Hundreds of asylum seekers protest imprisonment by Israel outside jail

Israel Netanyahu Yes, it’s time for self-examination—by the NIF

Former top graft investigator convicted of failing to report bribery attempts

Peacemakers: Moderation in times of extremism

New Social Contract Is Needed

Egypt WATCH: Egyptian policeman saves child from 3-story fall

Egypt Egypt sentences 21 to death for planning attacks

The not quite united States

Bezeq's controlling shareholder, Shaul Elovitch, to remain in custody until Monday

Egypt Egyptian court sentences 21 to death on terrorism charges

A Voice on Campus

Germany Middle East +1 Congressional candidate renounces violent legacy, calls for Mideast peace

Act of genocide in Khojaly - When will the moment of justice come?

Love Resolve

Tower reports record year but tepid guidance

Poland +1 Holocaust Polish Jewish groups oppose campaign calling on US to cut ties with Warsaw

Australia +1 150 years ago, the UK’s first and only Jewish leader changed politics forever

Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia to invest $64 billion in entertainment in next decade

Israel Israel Chemicals signs Tamar, Leviathan gas deals

Russia +1 Russia would back 30-day Syria ceasefire but not for militants

Grandson of Nazi war criminal accidentally ID'd on 'Hunting Hitler' show

Israel +1 Embracing its Jewish heritage, Spain recognizes Ladino as a Spanish language

United States Donald Trump Trump says weighing possibility of "the best" teachers having guns

Israel Gal Gadot-Varsano +1 'Wonder Woman' star Gal Gadot to present award at this year’s Oscars

Israel Netanyahu Court extends remand of Netanyahu's former advisor by 3 days

Israel +1 Temple Mount US congressmen briefly questioned after Temple Mount visit

Israel +1 Israeli youth handball teams in Qatar spark social media outcry

Israel +1 Holocaust Jewish NGO considers travel advisory for Jews traveling to Poland

United States Florida Father of slain Jewish teen confronts ‘pathetically weak’ Rubio on gun control

Iran Islam +1 Iran says may withdraw from nuclear deal if banks continue to stay away

Communication breakdown

ISA representative says PM's former advisor, Nir Hefetz, failing to cooperate with investigators

Syria +1 Scores in Turkey protest Syria attacks

Judicial Selection Committee picks Haredi woman as judge for first time

Poland Holocaust Simon Wiesenthal Center considers travel advisory for Poland

Israel Israeli researchers say they have found biomarkers for preeclampsia

Israel Black Panther +1 Comment: Why ‘Black Panther’ is a win for black-Jewish relations

Israel Palestinians Israeli soldiers killed Palestinian after he attacked them, military says

Israel William Franklin Graham Jr. Billy Graham, Nixon and anti-Semitism: The bombshell tapes that tarnished the faith leader's reputation

Israel +2 AUDIO: Kissinger and Nixon discuss why Soviet Jews are 'none of our business'

Israel Palestinians Palestinians claim Jericho resident beaten to death by Israeli soldiers; army: He pulled out a knife

Israel Israel Defense Forces +1 Palestinians say Jericho man beaten to death by IDF soldiers during arrest

Israel Palestinians Israel to issue 20,000 more work permits to Palestinians

March Thinking bigger together

Israel Jerusalem +1 Seal of the prophet Isaiah may have been unearthed in Jerusalem

Israel +1 Donald Trump Israel is fast becoming a rogue state. And Trump is complicit in that downfall

Israel Netflix Cellcom forced to withdraw Netflix refund offer

China +1 IVC: China minor player in Israeli high-tech

Iran Iran will withdraw from nuclear deal if there is no economic benefit, deputy minister says

Syria Ghouta End to Syria ‘massacre’ urged as death toll mounts in fresh bombardment

Israel Israel Defense Forces IDF completes a series of exercises on the northern front

Montenegro +1 Explosive device thrown into US embassy compound in Montenegro

Israel Jerusalem Prophet Isaiah’s seal mark found in Jerusalem, archaeologists believe

Israel +2 Africa The death of Israel Apartheid Week on UK campuses

Israel +1 Federal Bureau of Investigation Former 'Israeli FBI' chief convicted of failure to report bribery attempt

Rivlin: It is our duty to do everything to bring back soldiers who did not return from battle

Israel Israeli visual aid company OrCam valued at $1 billion

The Hundreds Hundreds of asylum seekers protest deportation policy outside Holot detention facility

Off on the Hummus Trail

Syrian Kurdish YPG says pro-govt forces deployed on Afrin frontlines

Israel Israel Defense Forces +1 Palestinian man killed during arrest after he attacked soldier, IDF says

Israel Netanyahu +1 Police have tape of telecom mogul pushing for positive Netanyahu news coverage

Minister Aryeh Deri questioned by police again in graft probe