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Israel Facebook +1 Why 30,000 Orthodox women belong to this recipe-sharing Facebook group

Initial Public Offering (IPO) +1 Outbrain names co-CEO in move that may signal IPO plans

Israel +1 Africa +1 Foreign Ministry tells Israelis to avoid Zimbabwe amid apparent coup

Egypt +2 MP +1 Firebrand Jordan MP backs suicide bombings in Israel

United States Donald Trump Trump says no freeze-for-freeze deal with NKorea

Israel +1 Atletico Madrid +2 Israeli billionaire in talks to buy stake in Atletico Madrid soccer club

Israel +1 Knesset +1 US congress, Knesset sign declaration saying only Palestinian recognition in Israel will end the conflict

Afghanistan NATO chief says they'll have enough forces in Afghanistan

Israel Bad news for Israel's finance minister: Home prices rise ever so slightly

Brett Ratner +6 Gal Gadot confirms: Brett Ratner won't be involved in 'Wonder Woman' sequel

Israel Times MK Oren Hazan waives immunity, to be charged with assault

Israel +1 Rare +1 Rare Amish genetic mutation may point way to anti-aging treatment

Europe +1 Africa +1 Israeli billionaire Beny Steinmetz may travel under strict conditions, despite police probe

Nigeria Suicide bomb kills 10 in Nigeria

Iran +3 Hariri +3 Lebanese premier's brother blasts Iran, Hezbollah in first statements since resignation scandal

India +1 Israeli offshore drilling rights draw just two bids despite deadline extensions

Egypt +2 In the footsteps of the Mossad chief who went undercover as a French artist in Egypt

Germany +1 charges Germany charges two ex-Nazis, currently in their 90s, for deaths at Stutthof concentration camp

France +2 Hariri +3 Lebanese prime minister invited to France amid resignation crisis

Brett Ratner Gadot clarifies role in Brett Ratner ouster

Israel Joint List leader fights with PM's top aide at Arab economics confab

Bangladesh +2 Holocaust +1 U.S. Holocaust Memorial details 'mounting evidence' of genocide against Rohingya in Myanmar

Egypt +1 Egyptian +1 Egyptian diva up the creek for disparaging Nile River

Turkey crisis Turkey facing economic crisis in 2018, global asset manager warns

Israel Times Ehud Barak: No one more qualified to run Israel than I

Nigeria Suicide bomb attack kills 10 in Nigeria's Maiduguri

Argentina Linked to graft, ex-Argentine government official kills self

Lebanon Lebanon PM Macron says he did not offer Lebanon PM 'exile'

Israel +1 Palestinians New School draws ire for antisemitism panel featuring Linda Sarsour and JVP head

Israel +1 London +1 Jewish teenager stabbed 12 times in London park

Israel Netanyahu +1 After damning report on drone threat, PM says working on solution

Iran Iran's Rohani: State-built homes collapsed in earthquake prove government corruption

Egypt +1 Egyptian Egypt to stop importing gas in 2018

Canada +1 Hapoalim Canadian customers say bank aided tax evasion

Israel Times +1 Soldier killed, officer seriously hurt in northern Israel crash

Israel Ein al Hilweh and Umm Jamal: Facts on the ground

France The criminal Merah brothers: How France failed its citizens

Israel Apple +2 Jewish Insider's Daily Kickoff: November 15, 2017

Israel IDF One IDF soldier killed, one injured in head-on collision in northern Israel

France +3 Hariri France's Macron invites Lebanon's Hariri to France, but doesn't offer political exile

Israel +2 Times Russian lawmakers back legislation targeting foreign media

United States November November 16, 2017: No different than the US

Ehud Barak: I’m most fit to lead

Israel Soldier killed, second wounded in vehicular accident in the Upper Galilee

Zimbabwe Foreign Ministry issues travel warning to Zimbabwe following coup

Iran What if Iran had spent the money on natural disaster relief fund?

Israel +1 Slated for Saudi Arabia, big chess tournament to lock out Israeli stars

France +1 Hariri Lebanon's Hariri will arrive in France in 'coming days'

Israel Gaza Strip Palestinians say opening of Gaza border crossing delayed

North Korea +2 S.Korea +1 S.Korea party leader says US must not strike N.Korea without Seoul's consent

Israel +1 Taylor +1 US House committee unanimously passes Taylor Force Act

On shaky ground

Israel Facebook +3 Israel to tax Google, Facebook within a year

France +1 Lebanese +1 France's Macron invites Lebanese PM and family to France

Israel +1 Gaza Strip +1 A Marshall Plan for Gaza is a bad idea

Israel +1 Moore +2 Moore-backing robocall from fake Jewish journalist seen as anti-Semitic

Iran +1 What is wrong with Europe’s ‘Iran policy’?

Israel Aly Raisman +3 Doctor accused by Aly Raisman of sexual abuse changing plea

After 35 years, first national memorial event for 91 victims of Tyre disaster

Study finds mutation linked to longer life span in Amish

Iran +3 Israel won’t allow Iran to establish presence in Syria, defense minister says

Poland 2 ex-Nazi guards indicted for WWII Stutthof camp deaths

Study finds mutation linked to longer life span in Amish

Israel Times +1 At GA, a vexing focus on rifts with Israel

Israel +1 Palestinians +1 U.S. House foreign affairs committee approves bill cutting U.S. funds to Palestinian Authority

Encountering peace: being jewish

Israel Africa +1 Zaka emergency service founder clawed by lioness in Africa

Egypt Leader of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood loses appeal against life sentence

Israel +1 Amazon +2 Amazon Echo, Google Home devices at risk of hacker attacks, US-Israel firm warns

Iran +1 Times Aid slow to reach quake-hit Iranian villages

France What's behind the drop in anti-Semitic incidents in France?

United States Washington Washington Watch: What in heaven's name?

Israel Palestinians +1 Private Palestinian land can be taken for public use in settlements, Israeli attorney general says

Lebanon +1 Saudi citizen kidnapped in Lebanon released to army

Police Police continue mass arrests and renovation operations in e. J’lem

The forming of an unholy alliance

Israel Independence Day ‘Settlement Prize’ to be awarded 1st time in history of Israel Prize

Saudi Arabia The owl: Another political love affair?

Grumpy old man: A matter of priorities

Prizewinning journalist, author, translator Ruth Bondy dead at 94

Saudi Arabia +2 Pentagon U.S. Senator slams U.S. involvement in Yemen as the House declares military support unauthorized

Israel +1 Hariri +3 Love him or hate him, Lebanese want Hariri home

Germany +3 Times +1 Germany charges ex-Nazi camp guards over hundreds of deaths

Israel Holocaust Holocaust survior and prolific writer dies age 94

October +1 CPI up 0.3% in October, home prices still rising

Saudi Arabia +3 Air +3 Missile makers court Saudi Arabia, Raytheon claims 100 missiles already shot down from Yemen

Turkey +1 Democratic +1 U.S.-backed Syrian rebels' senior commander defects to Turkey, officials say

Natanyahu meets with disability organizations opposing pensions agreement

Wed: TA 35 Index slips to 1400 points

Ethiopia +1 Income for Ethiopian citizens lags behind Israeli average, study finds

Israel Why are ultra-Orthodox Jewish men so afraid of women?

Israel Israel sluggish on tackling drones threat, watchdog warns

Iraq +1 Palestinians +1 Miss Iraq defends her joint pic with Miss Israel as a message of peace

United States share US hedge funds reduce Teva exposure

Multiple women accuse Natan Zahavi of assault

Russia +2 Islamic State Russia 'investigating' how it ended up using fake images as proof the U.S. supports ISIS

Israel Jerusalem Israel arrests 20 Palestinians in sweeping overnight raid in East Jerusalem

Belgium +6 Africa +1 Court eases travel restrictions on Steinmetz

Education Ministry launches program for free after-school activities

Israel +1 Rare +1 Rare da Vinci painting set to be auctioned for at least $100m

Israel Palestinians +1 Attorney general okays seizure of private Palestinian land for outpost road

Israel +1 England +3 New center helping trace roots of Jews in New England

Israel +1 Netanyahu +1 Fact-checking Netanyahu’s false claims to U.S. Jews about the Western Wall

Chile +1 Chilean presidential candidate declares Israel 'a threat to world peace'

Israel +1 New York City US Supreme Court Justice to be awarded Genesis Prize

Israel +1 Africa +2 Foreign Ministry: Jews and Israelis in Zimbabwe told to stay indoors

Israel +1 Tune in: Fauda's season 2 premiere date revealed

Iran +2 Boris Johnson +2 Husband of UK woman jailed in Iran presses top diplomat for visit

Poor roads and poor safety instruction blamed for spike in Arab traffic deaths

Nobel Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg to be honored with Lifetime Achievement Award

Israel +2 Times Terror attacks targeted more countries in 2016, but fewer killed – report

Ghana +1 Israel denies entry to Ghanaian with student visa, fearing he'll immigrate

Germany What actually happened between Hitler's suicide and the fall of Nazi Germany

Israel Times Jewish group honors Ruth Bader Ginsburg for lifetime achievement

India +1 Indian group bids for Israeli energy exploration licenses

Russia +1 Islamic State Russian long-range bombers strike Islamic State targets in Syria

Israel Hamas +2 Cheap smokes an early benefit of Palestinian accord

Greece Flash floods kill at least 10 in downpour near Athens

Somalia +1 US mounts air strike against al Shabaab militants in Somalia

Israel Times State watchdog: Army has no comprehensive solution to drone threat

Israel Gaza Strip +3 Why Islamic Jihad won't attack Israel right now

Iraq +2 Instagram +2 Selfies for peace: Miss Israel and Miss Iraq share the love on Instagram

Israel Palestinians 'Land of the three faiths:' The little-known history of the Palestinian Declaration of Independence

Israel IDF +1 Special Report: Israel unprepared for terror, domestic drone threats

Iran +3 Times Touring northern border, Liberman vows no Iran presence in Syria

Israel Times Israeli Parliament eases regulation on startup equity crowdfunding

Iran +3 Lebanese +1 Iran: ‘Shameful’ Saudi Arabia begged Israel to bomb Lebanon

Woman who made false rape complaint receives suspended sentence

Israel Motorola, Nokia win Israel Railways cellular network tender

Somalia +1 US drone strike in Somalia kills 'several' with al-Shabab

Fire breaks out in Qalansawe spare parts business

Saudi Arabia +1 United Nations Saudi-led coalition cripples key Yemen airport with overnight air raid

United States Alabama +6 Robocalls posing as 'Bernie Bernstein' trying to discredit Roy Moore accusers in Alabama race

Iran +2 Minister Liberman: We will not allow Syria to become an Iranian outpost

Israel Israeli AI log analysis co raises $23m

A class act: ‘Elementary’ reveals a teacher’s real triumphs and tragedies

Egypt +1 Gaza Strip +2 Palestinian reconciliation falters as Gaza crossing with Egypt stays shut

Israel FIFA +1 Rebuffing Palestinians, FIFA says it’s ‘not a playground’ for politics

United States Supreme Court of the United States Ginsburg wins lifetime achievement prize from prominent Jewish foundation

Europe +3 French food with an Italian accent

Israel +1 Israelis and Jews in Zimbabwe ordered to remain in their homes

Iran +2 Lieberman to Russia: 'We will not allow Iranian entrenchment in Syria'

Spain Tapas, wine and music

Singing the praises of Oratorio

Iran +1 Liberman: We will not allow Syria to become an Iranian outpost

France +1 charges +1 French suspect handed terror charges over Syria kidnapping

Greece Flash floods on Athens outskirts leave at least 5 dead

Israel Playing from the heart: The iPalpiti chamber orchestra to tour Israel

Israel Current and compelling: The Israeli Theater tackles crucial topics

Israel Times Divorce: Achilles’ heel of Jewish law

Iraq Islamic State Aid expert: 'New roadblocks' emerge in Iraq after Islamic State defeat

Russia Kremlin downplays Russian Defense Ministry blunder

Saudi Arabia Hariri +1 MP in Hariri's party: Hariri says Saudi not holding him, his family

Israel Tel Aviv Happy to be singin’ the blues: EB Davis joins the Tel Aviv Blues Festival

Israel +1 Minister +1 US State Dep't: Israel won't get visa waiver so fast

Jewish group honors Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg for lifetime achievement

Israel +2 Africa Zimbabwe: Jewish leaders instruct community to stay indoors amid coup

Israel +1 Feeling right at home: The Israeli Opera opens its season with ‘La Boheme’

Israel +2 Britain +1 Should we give another hearing to early Zionism’s fascism-friendly ideologue?

Top 10 things to do

Israel +1 Times +1 Zimbabwe Jews told to shelter in homes amid coup reports

Israel Times Behind the scenes at the Israel Museum, in new documentary

Zimbabwe 170 Israelis safe in Zimbabwe after military coup

Israel Times Ordination of 100th Israeli Reform rabbi keeps a daughter in the family business

Trends past and future: The Curtain Up Festival presents 11 new works

Israel Tel Aviv Nick Cave is coming to town: Rock music's dark poet to perform Tel Aviv

Israel +2 Times Tillerson says US may consider sanctions on Myanmar citizens

Russia +1 London +1 Photo of Muslim woman 'ignoring victims of London terror attack' is Russian propaganda

MK Gafni: 'I will not vote with coalition until law banning Shabbat commerce moves forward'

Israel +2 Britain American hoops player rebounds from bench to lift Israel's national team

Germany +1 Times +1 Israeli firms display life-saving tech in Dusseldorf

France +2 Hariri French foreign minister to meet Lebanon's Hariri in Saudi Arabia

Lebanon +1 Hariri Lebanon president: Saudi Arabia also holding Hariri's family

Israel +1 Times Iranians at the border

Lebanon Hariri +1 Hariri on Twitter reaffirms he will return to Lebanon

Lebanon +1 Hariri Lebanon president: Saudi also holding Hariri's family

Canada Canada lights up winter postal delivery with Hanukkah stamp

Saudi Arabia +1 Trump’s Mideast peace initiative could be Netanyahu’s Hail Mary escape ploy

Israel Tax +1 Tax authority sets out new ruling for Israelis who relocate abroad

Israel Africa WATCH: Founder of Israeli rescue organization jumped by lion in Africa

Israel Western Wall PM: 'Ideological components' of Western Wall plan delayed practical progress

Gal Gadot +3 Wonder Woman 'the savior' of 'Justice League'

Russia +1 Catalonia +1 Russia's Lavrov says allegations of meddling in Catalonia hysteria

Man indicted for shooting kibbutz secretary who had his power cut off

Druze spiritual leader requests urgent meeting with PM

Kurdistan +2 Kurds +1 Syrian Kurdish party backs longer US role in Syria

Lebanon Hariri Lebanon president: 'Nothing justifies Hariri absence, consider him detained'

United States Kremlin: law on media 'foreign agents' is our response to US measures

Israel +1 American Jews, lay off Linda Sarsour

Israel Federations rally around pluralism — but wish they didn’t have to

Israel +2 British +1 Russia enlisted hundreds of bots to influence UK politics, researchers say

United States California +3 Trump consoles wrong mass shooting victims after California attack, Twitter notices

million +2 Discount Bank reports sharp rise in profit

Kurdistan +2 Kurds +1 Syrian Kurdish party backs longer US role in Syria

Israel Harvey Weinstein +4 Key Weinstein accuser Rose McGowan surrenders to police on drug charge

Zimbabwe No requests for assistance received from Israelis currently in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Mugabe Zimbabwe military says seizes power to stop 'criminals', Mugabe safe

Israel +1 White House +1 Israeli terror victims visit White House

Israel Palestinians +1 Israel demolishes home of Palestinian attacker who killed three in West Bank

North Korea +1 South Korea rattled by rare 5.4-magnitude quake

Lebanon Lebanese Lebanese military arrests fugitive radical Islamist cleric

Israel +1 Gulf Coast of the United States +3 Lockheed offers glimpse into missile defenses eyed by Saudis

The value of storytelling

Israel Gaza Strip Is Gaza tunnel era coming to an end?

North Korea +1 South Korea rattled by rare 5.4-magnitude quake

United States October Shekel gains against dollar ahead of Oct CPI reading

Israel Netanyahu +1 Netanyahu meets MMA fighters ahead of major bout

Israel Gal Gadot +2 Wonder Woman can save the world but not even Gal Gadot can save ‘Justice League’

Germany +1 German German politicians under fire for rolling out red carpet for Iranian business

Zimbabwe Mugabe +1 Zimbabwe military holding President Mugabe, denies seizing power

Brazil +1 U.S. Department of State Brazilian students simulate Nazi human experiments for science fair

Israel Times Brave new Jewish world

Israel +1 Mugabe +1 Zimbabwe army takes Mugabe, wife into custody, controls capital

Israel +1 California +1 Four killed in California mass shooting

Israel +2 Donald Trump +3 PA: Riyadh won't normalize ties with Israel before Palestinian peace deal

Zimbabwe Zimbabwe opposition calls for peaceful return to democracy

Israel +1 New York +1 Chagall sets auction record at $28.5m in New York

Iran +4 Saturday US security officials arrive in Israel to discuss Syria border deal

Israel +1 Donald Trump +4 National GOP ups pressure on Alabama’s Moore

Israel Eilat: Authorities detain 30 infiltrators and shutter businesses they manage

Israel IDF IDF demolishes home of Har Adar terrorist

Israel IDF +1 IDF destroys home of terrorist who killed three in Har Adar attack

Syria +2 Raqqa Turkey 'appalled' by US stance on IS withdrawal from Raqqa

Israel IDF +2 IDF demolishes home of terrorist who killed 3 in Har Adar

Australians Rainbow celebrations as Australians vote for same-sex marriage

Cuba +1 Alaska Alaska Airlines to halt flights to Cuba

United States California Gunman targets people at random in California town, kills 4

China +3 Donald Trump China sending envoy to North Korea following Trump visit

Zimbabwe Mugabe +1 Zimbabwe military says seizes power to stop 'criminals', President Mugabe safe

Harvey Weinstein +1 Harvey Weinstein sued by actress, who claims he raped her in 2016

Harvey Weinstein +1 Harvey Weinstein sued by actress, who claims he raped her in 2016

Israel +1 Donald Trump +4 Bucking 16-year tradition, Trump won’t meet with US Nobel Prize winners

Israel +1 Donald Trump +3 Terror victim laments to Trump team her husband’s killer will be paid by PA

China +2 President Xi Special envoy for Chinese President Xi to visit North Korea

Israel +1 Letters to the Editor: The real news from the Israeli-American Council conference

Iraq +1 Instagram Miss Israel, Miss Iraq overcome countries' diplomatic estrangement on Instagram

Israel +1 Mugabe +4 Zimbabwe military deny takeover in state TV address

Egypt +1 Gaza Strip +1 Gaza residents impatient as opening of Egypt crossing stalls and reconciliation falters

Israel Knesset Will Jewish-state bill politicize process for defining who is a Jew?

Israel Harvey Weinstein +3 Harvey Weinstein sued for sexual battery by actress

Israel Jerusalem With Maor at the helm, intriguing next chapter for Hapoel Jerusalem

Efes brings Mac TA back down to earth

Israel Times The organization training thousands of Jewish volunteers to keep synagogues safe

Haaretz Cartoon

Israel +1 Mugabe +4 Military on streets near Zimbabwe capital as treason claims fly

North Korea +1 Korea +1 S.Korea detects no unusual activity at border where N.Korean defected

Israel +1 Times +1 Hummus among us: Chefs debate what makes Israeli food Israeli

Israel Islamic Jihad +1 Amid increased tensions, Iron Dome batteries now deployed in central Israel

Israel Times In first, Israel Prize to be awarded for promoting settlements — report

Israel +1 U.S. company secretly registers Israeli trademarks

Israel Facebook +1 Israel seeks to issue Google and Facebook precedent-setting tax bills

United States +1 US embassy in Zimbabwe tells staff to stay home due to 'political uncertainty'

Israel +1 Donald Trump +1 Senate panel debates US president’s nuclear authority

Unprecented investment in Arab society suffering slow implementation, official says

Israel Australians +1 Australians back gay marriage in non-binding vote

Canada Israel’s largest bank named in new Candian investigation

New course underway for female kashrut supervisors

Israel Netanyahu Israel's opposition leader is more like a Likudnik

Israel Israeli Labor Party's new leader drags it out of comfort zone

Israel +3 Moscow +3 Russia and US at odds over keeping Syria chemical experts

Israel Police +1 Police launch probe of Israeli drone manufacturer

Israel Israelis can learn from the ultra-Orthodox what’s respect for women

Australia Australian PM Australian PM says government aims to legalize same-sex marriage by year-end

Iran +2 Saudi Arabia: Israel's dream state

Israel Israel to favor natural gas over coal for power production

France +1 Not +4 Not releasing 1980 Paris synagogue bombing suspect ‘absurd,’ supporters say

Syria +2 Raqqa Turkey 'appalled' by US stance on IS withdrawal from Raqqa

United States Barack Obama +1 Trump isn’t any more an isolationist than Obama was

Israel A legendary photographer who captured an Israel that is no more

Europe +1 Israeli minister: We have moved from defense to offense against BDS

Israel Gaza Strip +2 Iron Dome deployed in Tel Aviv area as Israeli army as Gaza tensions boil

Israel A Remarkable Journey: Israel Maimon and the Path to Israel Bonds

Iraq +3 Times Russia posts videogame image as ‘irrefutable proof’ US helps IS

Israel +1 Hariri +3 Resigned PM tells Lebanese to ‘chill,’ says he’ll be home in ‘a couple of days’

Israel +1 Palestinians Democrats push bill to block U.S. aid to Israel from being used to detain Palestinian minors

Iran +2 Iran Iraq +1 Netanyahu offers help to victims of Iran-Iraq earthquake

Iran +2 Iran Iraq +3 Israel offers medical aid to Iran, Iraq after quake rocks region

Israel Times Quake-stricken Iranians fume at ex-leader Ahmadinejad’s housing scheme

Israel +1 Times +4 Congresswomen accuse two US lawmakers of sexual harassment

Iran +2 Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Iranian military force taking shape right under Israel’s nose

Israel Initial Public Offering (IPO) Teddy Sagi invests NIS 40m in Alltrade

Israel Nokia to launch 4 smartphones in Israel

Israel +1 Democrat +2 US bill would prevent funding jailing of Palestinian minors

Iran +2 General Assembly +3 Netanyahu tells U.S. Jews he remains committed to egalitarian space at Western Wall

Iran +2 Netanyahu Netanyahu offers Iraq and Iran medical help at Jewish Federations GA

Israel Netanyahu Netanyahu to Jewish Federations G.A.: All Jews should have access to the Kotel

Israel +1 Donald Trump The Zionist Organization of America has forgotten what it means to be Jewish

Israel Netanyahu +1 Labor leader Gabbay vows to unseat Netanyahu, give peace a chance

North Korea +1 United Nations Key UN committee condemns North Korea for not aiding people

Saudi Arabia +1 Saudi-led coalition bombs airport runway in Yemen's capital

Israel Netanyahu Netanyahu to be questioned for the sixth time next week

ANALYSIS: An unforgettably Jewish politician

Israel Gal Gadot +3 Rivlin hails Gal Gadot as Israel’s ‘true and beloved ambassador’

Syrian More than 60 killed in air strike on Syrian market town

United States California Update: Authorities say shootings in rural Northern California leave 5 dead, including shooter; 2 children wounded

United States California +2 NGO in antisemitism case: Giving JVP a seat and not Hillel is still discrimination

France +3 France: Russia, Iran must do all they can to stop 'unacceptable attacks' in Syria

France +1 Times France calls for access after pro-BDS lawmakers barred from Israel

November November 15, 2017: So we’re living longer...

Israel Palestinians +2 Elkin: Start preparing for one million settlers in the West Bank